What Happens At My Appointment?

Full Diagnostic Hearing Assessment:

At this appointment, Wanita will have a chat with you to understand your concerns and gain some history from you about your ears and hearing. She will then look in your ears to ensure they look healthy and clear of wax. You will then go into a sound booth (which meets the ISO standards) and complete a hearing test, including testing using speech sounds. Immittance testing will take place to understand how the middle part of your ear is functioning. Wanita will go through all the results with you at this appointment and will discuss appropriate management with you. This may include referrals, discussion on hearing aids according to your hearing needs and budget.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Follow Ups:

At the fitting appointment, Wanita will run some measures with the hearing aids in your ears to ensure that the correct amplification is given for your individual ear shape and hearing loss. Once the hearing aids are set up, Wanita will ask you how they sound and will make adjustments so that you are happy to wear the hearing aids home. You will then get some time to trial the hearing aids in the real world environment.

You will have follow up appointments booked to ensure you are happy with how the hearing aids sound in your environment. If needed adjustments can be made. It is important to remember that the brain needs time to adapt to the new sounds it is receiving and therefore getting hearing aids is a process. Your brain needs to re-learn to listen and the best way to do that is to wear your hearing aids as much as possible (except for sleeping, swimming or bathing). The follow up appointments are to help you keep on track. Wanita does not want your hearing aids sitting in a drawer and that is why these follow up appointments are so important.

Hearing Aid Review Appointments:

At this appointment, Wanita will re-assess your hearing levels to monitor any changes. She will then check that the hearing aids are still functioning well and providing sufficient amplification. If there are any adjustments to be made, then she is able to do this for you at this appointment.

 Auditory Processing assessments:

This assessment is 2 hours (with breaks given) and evaluates the whole auditory pathway, right up to the auditory cortex of the brain. There are a number of tests done during this appointment and each one is explained at the assessment. Wanita will go through the results at this appointment and appropriate management will be discussed. Please see the section Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) for further information.